Vader’s Vault Custom Twin Lightsabers, All Colors Rev-N CFX Silver, Heat Blueing


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BrandVader’s Vault
SeriesThe Mandalorian
MovieStar Wars
GenreScience Fiction & Horror
FranchiseStar Wars
Country/Region of ManufactureUnited States
Product LineREV-N Standard

Features: – Mirror Polish- Custom Heat Blueing at the business end of the hilts- CFX gives all possible colors and epic sound profiles- Can be dual wielding or in staff mode- Highest build quality makes these built to last as well as gorgeous This pair of Vader’s Vault lightsabers can be used independently or as a staff through the pictured coupling. They can display pretty much any color, and you can program it yourself in order to adjust color, volume, sounds, etcetera via USB. The manufacturer’s USB stick comes with it, as well as the correct hex wrench to install the blades. Two Revanchist blade plugs are included and like new; they are very shiny and look amazing when you are not using the blades. Like other Vader’s Vault sabers, these can be loud if you want them to be, although you can also adjust how loud you want them to be or if you want to put them on mute. The buttons are fully functional and run Crystal FX (CFX) with custom Revan-themed sound profiles as well as other common sound profiles. You can change the sound profiles and colors on the fly through those buttons. The batteries are powerful, long-lasting, and come with their original charger. This complete set gives you everything you need to get into some epic combat or meditative trances. This saber’s blades, like other Vader’s Vault blades, are built to withstand some amount of contact use in-motion. They are not heavy-duty, however, and only standard — still very durable. There’s a reason Vader’s Vault is considered one of the best, if not the very best, saber manufacturer out there. The sound quality is the best I’ve ever heard, due to ingenious hilt and pommel design. To charge the batteries you will need to unscrew the housing and then unscrew the black speaker unit at the bottom enough to take the batteries out. The lighting in these sabers is bright and beautiful with vivid colors. I have owned many custom sabers and these are the last to leave my possession because they are of the highest possible build quality. The Rev-n model, a nod to Revan the character from the Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars series, is represented not only in the hilt design, blade plugs, and name, but also in the sounds that greet you when you operate the saber. They have flash on clash and have a button where you can have a custom light and sound operate. The handle is mirror-polished and a beautiful silver with heat blueing on the end, which Vader’s Vault did as custom features. If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

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