SABER STAND Lightsaber Wall Mounts Stand for Lightsaber Force FX CLEAR TOP


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PRODUCT DESIGNCare of your collectiblesAs you know, right now the demand for collectable items such as these is at an all time high. Many of these are limited in production and when they are gone, their prices sky rocket. When one of these keepsakes that you love doubles or triples in price you feel almost obligated to re-box them for protection and hide them in your closet.Vertical Versus HorizontalSeveral manufacturers include horizontal stands that are both attractive and extremely well made. Unfortunately, when laid on their sides, many of these displays take up three to four feet in length. Whether you have one or ten sabers this takes up a lot of valuable space on your wall.We take our hats off to any of these genius companies that make these custom creations, but there is one fact that cannot be denied. No matter how it is cut or shaped, polycarbonate plastic will bend over time if it is given the opportunity.I personally am a collector and have eight sabers from several manufacturers and I was extremely surprised to find the blades of my light sabers starting to bend after long periods of time on their horizontal stands.Saber Stand is here to rescue you and your prized possession(s) from this! From start to finish our display stand is custom made from scratch, with you, the collector in mind. Our product offers you the ability to mount and display your collectable VERTICALLY!Product Design SpecificationsFirst we started with a design that we felt would both be stylish yet not too restrictive as to cover important details on your favorite saber, but that?s not all. Our first priority here is not just to be another pretty face but to maintain functionality as well. Both the top and the bottom bracket have hidden wall mounts so that your stand will be sturdy without having to worry about seeing any ugly screw heads sticking out. Then, we used an extremely hard aerated ABS plastic which is virtually unbreakable under any normal conditions.Due to the fact that many of these collectible items are several shapes and sizes we sensed a need to make your base automatically work no matter how little you try. By making our bases conical or coned inward, ANY item you put in it will instantly slide towards the center. This will dramatically cut down the number of times you have to get up off the couch to straighten it since Saber Stand will already be doing it for you. The finished product has now gone from taking up three or four feet to 4? in width! ATTENTION! YOU ARE BUYING ONE LIGHT SABER STAND AND TOP PART. NONE OF THE SABERS PICTURED ARE INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. Mounting hardware is also not included. Please contact me for larger orders.

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