Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber


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CharacterLuke Skywalker
MovieVI:Return of the Jedi
SeriesClone Wars
Convention/EventStar Wars Celebration
GenreScience Fiction & Horror
FranchiseStar Wars

Authentic 89SABER Luke Skywalker ROTJ hilt installed with a Proffie2.2 soundboard (in a removable chassis) and powering a reactive LED-strip blade. Comes with more than 50 custom saber fonts including force effects, character quotes, blade styles, and optional background music (toggled with a button press). Features: Over 50 distinct smooth-swing sound fonts including:Luke (Ep5 & Ep6)Vader (Ep5 & R1)Kenobi (Ep1, Ep3, Ep4, & CW)Maul (Ep1 & CW)WinduJinnAnakinYodaChancellorAhsokaRey (Ep7 & Ep9)LeiaRen30 additional Star Wars saber fonts, representing all the saber-wielding characters from the franchiseMatching blade styles with multiple swing-responsive effects.Ships with a customized software suit built around the latest version of ProffieOSprecise acceleration detection with detailed audio/lighting accompaniment, background music and force power tailored to each font, interactive blaster deflection, saber lock, lightning block, stab, tip melt, blade drag, blade spin, and flash-on-clash, etc.Dual-button control (PWR and AUX).Removable chassis with easy access to Proffieboard boot and reset buttons.Detailed instruction manual included. Package includes lightsaber, LED blade, battery, USB charger, and manual.

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