“Legacy” Killer Penny Custom Lightsaber CFX Steampunk


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GenreScience Fiction & Horror
FranchiseStar Wars

“Killer Penny” …mention that name in these parts and people know exactly what you are talking about. -Ace Rocket “They're rare. There were only 14 made, and they were a canvas so the install could be different from piece to piece. The saber it was based on was really the 'first' true iconic custom saber of this entire hobby as back when it was first made (2006?) there wasn't anything like it being produced, by anyone. It was made using a combination of machined parts and antique fire extinguisher pieces which were replicated on this edition since, well, finding those pieces would be impossible. So, for those of us who have been around for 15+ years in this hobby, it has that history to it as we ALL coveted that saber and those of us that could, jumped on the run when it was launched.” -Alan Johnson ……………. I am selling my beloved installed Killer Penny which was purchased from a run of 13 Legacy (aka KP) machined by AceRocket of Orbital Machining in 2014. The installation was commissioned through LDM Marc DiCarlo in November 2021. Specs: -No.6 of 13 -CFX -Full 8 SMD green bar graph -Single 18650 battery -Recharge port in the pommel -Top button activation -Lower button auxiliary -Pixel -SHTOKcustom Worx emitter PCB w/LEDs -includes KP stand -includes brass turbine blade plug & kill key -Machined in 100% copper & brass I am now throwing in a hard carry case for the saber and goodies to ship in. Refer to the last pic

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